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  • Rice Syrups and Rice Syrup Solids are our most important products but not our only products.
  • RiceviaTM - Low glycemic high sweetness rice syrups with stevia. The functionality of the Rice Syrup, combined with the sweetness of the Stevia and the natural flavor masking of the Rice Syrup results in a smooth, sweet, low glycemic syrup.
  • Rice Milk Base - We invented this product nearly three decades ago and have continued to build on our superior knowledge and innovation. Our experience with this product explains why our rice milk base has the best taste and mouthfeel.
  • Soy Milk - Made from the soy beans in our Soy Dairy in Lathrop,California.
  • Hemp Milk - Made from Hemp seeds in our Hemp Dairy in Lathrop, California.
  • Tapioca Syrup - This product is available for custom production provided there are sufficient production volumes.
  • Tea Extractions - Highly efficient tea extractions, even with complicated blends of substrates in the extract.


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