In this turbulent economy, innovation is more important than ever. Since our inception more than 30 years ago, CNP has created and manufactured many new ingredients and food products that have been successful in the marketplace. Offering innovative food ingredients for the nutritional and organic markets, providing the creative products development and scale up flexibility to help bring your new products to the market, combined with the CNP commitment to service is how CNP can help your business prosper and grow. We continually reinvest in our facility, our people and our systems to give our customers the competitive edge that they need to be leaders and to drive more profitable business.


Our technical team is able to streamline projects and save valuable time. We offer a variety of technical services to help you maintain consistent product quality and maximize manufacturing efficiencies. That includes the development of detailed specifications for the finished product and process, standard operating procedures and quality assurance programs. We can also provide assistance with the optimization of product processing parameters ready for production.


  • New product development
  • Modify customer formulas to fit processing capability
  • Maintain current product quality and improve efficiencies
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