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Our 32 years of natural, nutritional and organic food industry experience is yours when you work with California Natural Products. You don't just get an ingredient, you also get the benefit of our experience. We understand all aspects of the food industry and as your partners are happy to share that expertise with you:


  • We understand the science behind the ingredients and how this background understanding can make your project more successful.
  • We understand and can consult with you on your Food Product Development challenges so that your projects finish more quickly with better results
  • We understand the regulatory environment, even in the difficult worlds of natural and organic certified products.
  • We understand the consumer trends, becoming more complex as consumers demand ever more nutritious and wholesome foods.
  • We are experienced leaders in all facets of the food industry; the Institute of Food Technologists, the Organic Trade Association, the Organic Materials Review Institute, the American Association of Ceral Chemists, serving on Government Committees, presenting seminars at workshops, lecturing at Universities.


Take a look at our presentations and articles and let us know how we can help you.


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