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CNP Rice Syrups and Solids actually improve your products.


CNP invented our process of making the syrups and solids from the whole rice; and then leaving much of the original rice actually in the rice syrup. This of course means that our products are more nutritious.


But this also means that our products are more functionally powerful than carbohydrates alone. The reason is that these fats and proteins improve the way our syrups interact with water, improving the humectancy and shelf life characteristics of your finished good. Unlike conventional food products, to which developers will add chemicals to their food to improve humectancy and mouthfeel, our Rice Syrups and Solids do this naturally.


CNP's three decades of experience in developing a wide variety of food products is available to help you achieve your goals.


We invite you to review the Application Primers available for download, or you may contact us to discuss your specific product applications.


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